Friday, October 11, 2013 VS

I recently got suggested a new Cloud Storage service - Copy

After testing it for about 5 minutes, I give it the following review :)

1.) 15GB Default Storage - Awesome!
2.) The Desktop app seems awesome (Although the 45MB download is a bit overkill) - It's also native x64!
3.) Files can be direct linked - Which is awesome!
4.) HTML files are served as type text/plain intead of text/html- This is a critical fail on Copy's behalf.

Whilst the first 3 are awesome, the 4th is a critical failure, and so I will stick to Dropbox :)


  1. Have you tried

    and another handy site

    1. Whilst the space is nice, neither ozibox nor putdrive (Which are directly related to each other) have direct link capabilities which really kills it for me. PutDrive is nice for reverse torrenting though, so I guess I'll stay with it, and use it for that purpose alone :p

      Both sites also e-mail your sign-up password in plain-text, which means that it's most likely unhashed their side.

      DropBox still wins due to direct-linking :)