Sunday, June 24, 2012


Hi all (Well - Just you really - The one reading this :p), and welcome to my new site!

My previous site, whilst fun to play with, was primarily a location for me to learn PHP, and have a rather vague web presence. It was fraught with hosting issues, DNS issues, coding issues, and layout issues - Many which I have now learned about, and hopefully found my way around :)

For hosting, I have switched to our supreme internet overlords - Google.
They have proved reliable in the past for hosting (And everything else they do, really...), and my previous testing with them went better than expected (Significantly so - They do fantastic SEO... Which, since everyone searches using Google, is probably expected really... :P)

As I have minimal (Read: No) layout skills, I have switched to a template-based layout (Which, knowing me, I'll probably still mess up ;D), which comes with pretty widgety things, which I'll play around with (Expect totaly chaos for now :P)

Oh well - That's about it from me really. Hope you enjoy browsing around, and may the site entertain you when you're feeling bored, educate you when you feel the need for knowledge, and surprise you when you least expect it ;D


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  2. Hi Justin,

    This site is more of a general personalesquey site, and not a crack site.

    Feel free to try for your Windows Cracking needs.

    Good luck :)