Saturday, April 17, 2021

Stegseek - A proper Steghide cracker at last!

During CTF challenges, they sometimes hide data inside an image with Steghide. The common way to solve these is to use steghide with a located password or crack the password from a wordlist. Up until now, this has been EXTREMELY slow with common brute-force applications re-running Steghide with each and every password in the list - Around 500 attempts per second on faster systems. When attempting to do this with a larger password list such as RockYou which contains millions of entries, this speed was obviously an issue.

During some recent browsing, I found a tool that can not only crack these passwords TWENTY THOUSAND TIMES FASTER, but in some cases can actually locate data inside a password-protected Steghide image without actually knowing the original password by brute-forcing every possible way that Steghide uses to embed the image in the first place o_O

Link to the tool on Github: Stegseek

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